a little cool for Christmas?

What was it all about then?

A one-off night of remixed indie alternative music. bangers & mashed are putting taste back on the Christmas platter with tantalising tracks served with spicy beats to savour for the year to come. Check out the tasters.

Dance flavouring indie, re-styling retro with an appetising anarchic attitude. Blending guitar-edged indie grooves with electro textures, a sprinkling of cheesy pop, and breakbeat sauteed to taste. Mmm nice...

So you missed it?

Well unfortunately recording the night didn't pan out so no online playback - sorry. A shame especially considering the overall success of the night.

A big shout, hugs an kisses to all who attended on such a cold 'n' miserable night.
bangers & mashed only expected (read hoped for) between 20 and 100 people for the low-key event and were truly surprised at the excellent turnout.

A repeat event has been requested but such occasions are truly one off's. Well maybe later in the year in a slightly different form perhaps?

So what's next?

Further developments should be posted here later in the year. A few new re-mixes and a new look too.

Until then the bangers & mashed team wish you a new gear year. Keep yer ears awake and let yer mind wander.

Bangers & Mashed would like to thank:

Matt Senuik
For taking time out to come up from London and dj his electro indie set.
Andy Simmonds
For dumping his home turf of Bristol and showing us how it's done breakbeat stylie. Nice one Andy.
for smiles, boundless enthusiasm and finally using cd's (laptop next dude!)
Dave Bissell
For kiting the yard out and the mashed-up indie set. By the way, Dave plays indie on Fridays at the light bar.
Mark Stacey
For making his better half look good and us look even better. A damn good Dorchester reunion this year fella.
Mike Foskett
For dance mixing the re-mixes, organising, chasing tail, and still getting the job done to schedule.
Ben Spence & Ian Brown
Respectively for the poster and flyers. How about a site design guys? Er guys? Guys?
The Hogshead
For the cool 'n' friendly staff, and the management for letting us loose on the place.
The party people
We love you all. Without you it would never be worthwhile.
Ali, Abi, Tanya, Si, Sean, Stef, Karen, Al, Lauren, Chic, Rob, Maddy, Charlie, Steve, Lyndsey, the Milliechamp bro's Haz, Jim & Roger, Lee, Tony, Chris, and the rest of you cool mo'fucks too.

But we won't!

Thanks go out to annie mac for being cool. This site has no association with either her, the show, the feature, or radio one. Damn maybe it should've.

Music presented is a small sample demonstrating the diversity in taste, scope, talent and technique of those involved in this project. Produced in haste, they should not be considered product. just an amusement when asked to provide.

The music here is unlicensed. If you are the copyright holder to any of the materials used, and object to its usage, please go fuck yerself. Alternatively phone me and we'll discuss.

As the Poppies put it:

"Sample it, Loop it, Fuck it and Eat it"